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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Liebster Award From Danee


btw thanks sebab sudi tag .. Ieka akan jawab soalan awak ok

Soalan Danee

1- Have you played any sport? What kind of sport and why.

- Extreme Sport such like hiking .. Climbing can be enjoyed with the creation of god ..

2- Screenshot of your phone wallpaper.

** Naega Wolf awooooooo **

3- What is color describe you the best? why?

- Red is the first colour of spring , its real colour of rebirth of beginning ..

4- Where do you prefer to travel?

- Korea , Japan , Taiwan and Bangkok ..

5- If you go to a movie, do you sit at the back, middle or front?

- I'll be in middle seat because it's more better than in front and back seat ..

6- Do you prefer twitter or facebook?

- Twitter -
you can update status many times as you want laa ..

7- What does rich mean to you?

- SMILE , FOOD , HELPFULNESS and MONEY .. but your's money can't buy my happiness ..

8- Do you prefer theory or practical?

- Practical more fun than theory ..

9- Name 3 boyband/boy group/singer that you like.

- EXO [SM] 2PM [JYP] and Big Bang [YG] ..

10- What that annoy you the most?

- Bila lepak memasing main telefon , ini lepak ke apa eh ?

11- What is your ideal boy/girl type?

- Of course my dad laa ...


Danee said...

wahhh, thanks for answering ^^ geure wolf naega wolf awoooo ~ xD

Ibnu Ramli said...

Kpop fans ni hehe..

Ieka Farhana said...

@Ibnu Ramli hahaha tidak k